No Audio in output after 4.1.0 update (convert or copy = no audio)

BUG (again, returned in v4.1.0)

  1. No audio track in Exported output (MP4) using either Convert or Copy option still no audio.

  2. See attached DxDiag.txt (107.3 KB)

  3. See attached
    2024-01-17-18-02-43-Main.tzlog (9.8 MB)

  4. Screen shot of settings used:

In the past when there were audio issues I would change audio mode to convert and that solved it. But this time it seems when I set the duration longer (original is a 10GB AVI files stereo 48Khz) than a few minutes I get no audio, if I set the duration short I get audio.

This is really frustrating as some of these conversions take several hours only to find there is no audio in the output file (container is MP4).


Thanks for the bug report! Our team is currently looking into this and we will provide more information as soon as possible.

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Updated info:

Using the same original clip I set a Mark In and Mark Out point reducing the amount to be rendered and using “Convert” for Audio Mode (as I pointed out before I tried both “convert” and “copy”) I was able to get audio output. The Log I provided I believe is from the “copy” attempt.

My guess (that’s all it is) is perhaps a short gap (not noticeable in playback of original) in the audio triggered Video AI to abandon doing any audio track at all? The original footage was from the 2002 back in the days where “tapes” were used to record. I had captured tape to AVI many years ago … there are no issues I can tell in the AVI but I have NOT run a full audio analysis.

I’m also assuming that when I do a “Preview” (10s) audio is NOT converted by default? My Previews never have audio so I assume that’s expected?

Cheers, Rob.

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Thanks for this information. It does make sense that a “track break” in the original AVI may be changing how the app treats the audio track for the final export. If you do end up finding a break point in the AVI, that would confirm the theory.

Previews do not mux audio back in, so that part is intended behavior.

One step that could be worth testing is to repair the AVI using MPEG Streamclip. This is an older tool that does very well with specific MPEG-2/DV codec repair.

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I have been using topaz video ai for almost a year - no issues - very simple and you could get fast previews to compare which was best. After latest update I cannot get sound whether I copy/convert or no matter which container mp4/mov etc.
I found where there was a roll back on the updates and tried several older updates and ran them - it appears the latest update corrupted the whole thing because I’ve wasted two days and I can assure you I will not have good things to say about Topaz if they cannot figure this out. The amount of time I’ve spent on this is ridiculous. By the way I’m using a less than one year old MacBook Pro and have had ZERO issues prior.

Before you start throwing threats around maybe you should provide more info like details of the type of file being inputed and some log files.

As annoying as this seems at firstyou can still use the encoded video and just mux the audio track from the original with e.g. MKVToolnix (TVAI doesn’t do anything other at the end of the video encode if it functioning correctly).

And this only takes little time, so there’s not two days of encoding lost.

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