Nikon Z8 raw files red

Hello together,
Just updated to Topaz ai 2.4.2 and I have again the issue that the files looks far too red. I am using a Nikon Z8 raw files.
This was an issue in the past already and seemed fixed but with the new update I have the problem again. The color shift is so extrem that I cannot use Topaz ai like this.
Best regards,
Dirk Engelen


I downloaded Topaz Photo Ai to test it. My Nikon Z8 RAW files

are also much too red. Apperently the Nikon Z( RAW files

are still not supportet. LibRaw 0.21 supported cameras also do not show the Z8 but only the Z9. So I have to refrain from buying the software for now. Sorry, it’s useless as it is.


I have talked with some of the developers and this is a known issue that we are working on. The application seems to be applying the wrong camera profile to the image when it’s imported which is changing the color rendering.

Currently a workaround for this would be to save those RAW files as either a TIFF or JPEG to work with no color shift in Topaz Photo AI.

I am getting messed up colors for Z8 RAW files as well.
It is totally useless at this point. When can we expect a fix?

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