New update 2.0 crashes every time

After I installed 2.0 it has crashed every time I use the plugin in photoshop.

2023-09-07-19-29-52.tzlog (85.2 KB)
2023-09-07-19-32-0.tzlog (15.8 KB)

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. open an image in photoshop
  2. Click on filter tab
  3. click topaz AI

Here’s a build that should have a fix for this issue. Please install it and make sure that Face Detection is on in the Preferences > Autopilot menu.

​Then, import images with faces and let me know if it’s crashing.

Doesnt seem to be crashing now.

do i just continue to use the beta version then?

We are releasing a fix on Thursday with the normal update.

Please update to v2.0.1 and let me know if you are still crashing with Face Recovery enabled after doing so.

This issue was fixed in v2.0.1. Please update if you have not already!

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