New Sharpen AI?

Hi, Received an email advising of new release of Sharpen AI is available if wanted however in the notes it states ‘Redesigned UI, improved usability, and lots of bug fixes’
So can I take it that as as there where known bugs in the last release the previous version will be updated for FREE as far as the bug fixes go?

One might think that would be the way it works in the software world. But, one would be mistaken.

I think if someone sells you any product that they no has a fault after manufacture they offer to fix it free of charge.
In the UK we have this so anyone selling to the UK must abide by the UK rules of sale.

Does that cover software? I agree that it would seem logical, but that’s just not the way it works in any scenario that I know of. By the time the ISV has moved on with a major version update they rarely, if ever, back-port bug fixes to older versions. It would be nice if they did, but they just don’t.

Does that cover software? The Consumer Rights Act gives you rights when you buy goods and services or DIGITAL PRODUCTS. Would you not class software as digital?

TBH, your web site is ambiguous on software. Then there is the question of enforcement.

There is a lot of legal wiggle room in the EULA. It could get quite expensive in legal fees.


Didn’t cost me anything to update? Though I have an issue now, with my CR3 files opening darker and dulled even with Raw color correction turned off.

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