New "process limit based on hardware" needs to be rethought

Not really a bug since its a feature, but its a major issue for me impacting my work flow. (And would assume others as well)

On 3.2.2 I can only process 2 videos at once, and it takes 1 hours and 35 mins for those. (For my current project settings)

Rolled back to 3.2.0 and can do four processes with the same settings at 2 hours and 30 mins. Its not a huge difference, but when I have 100s of these videos to process, that time really adds up.

Is there a way I am unaware of to over ride that setting?

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If you are comfortable with the Command Line, you can run more processes from there. On my Mac Studio, I found I could run 4 processes in parallel using the terminal even though the limit in the UI is now reduced to 3, for no good reason at all.



I have not tried it, but I think you can still open two instances of TVAI and get 4 going that way. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just open a second instance of the application by holding the shift key when double clicking the app icon? :slight_smile:


Just wanted to let you know we are aware of certain cases where the automatic setting for parallel processes is a bit too low for certain hardware configurations. We will be further tuning this function and we plan to allow for a manual override in the future.

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Glad this will be resolved / tuned in the future. Thanks for the command line idea!

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