Need Clarification on Auto vs Manual

I’m assuming that Auto averages the first 20 frames of any video and then locks those values in.

In the case of trying my own experiments on upscaling SGSG1. This would mean it’s using the initial Lions Roar intro for MGM instead of any part of the movie material.

Does AUTO dynamically adjust throughout the film?

Is the best course of action just picking a scene and doing a MANUAL estimate?

Depending on the answer to that. I’d like to suggest improving AUTO to scan random 20 frame clips throughout the length of the movie instead of just the first 20 from current frame selected. If Possible, give users the ability to choose how many different points to compare to average out.

Auto Sample of 10, 20, 30… different points in the film. Spreading it out evenly or semi randomly to encompass a wide range of different scenes to determine what those values should be. Along with just letting us manually pick each sample point then have it automatically adjust the avg values based on all previously selected samples that are still active.

From what has been posted previously by Topaz developers, the Auto setting apparently adjusts itself every eight frames throughout the entire preview or export.

If you want the enhancement to faithfully reproduce the relative quality levels of the original source, then setting your model to Manual, estimating some single point, either something you feel represents the average, best or worst quality, and using those settings from beginning to end would seem the best practice.

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ty, tried looking for that information but just never found it.

This is a bullet point from a previous beta build announcement. You won’t be able to find it if you’re not a beta tester:

  • Automatic parameter estimation now runs on 8 frames instead of 20.

It’s also in this Roadmap post from last Nov. Scroll down about halfway:

@deathspam you can read in more details Here on how the Auto works.

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