My first attempt with Beta 1.8 and AI Remix

I was able to get this result with using the new Beta 1.8 and the AI Remix presets and working with the update to Frames on my Mac.
I wish there were more tools to alter the results that using a mask cannot do… Clone stamp or a simple brush?
Not sure how well this will work with all photos, but will continue to experiment and have fun with them, thanks Topaz.

The photo is from a Phlearn tutorial that he allowed to be downloaded.


Really like this! Great work!

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Thanks @tennie. I’m hoping the new AI Remix presets will come in handy with other images?

I wanted to remove some of the AI Remix effects to her arm (the effect is a little strong for my taste) but couldn’t do anything because we don’t have any other tool options. If I used a mask, it would only bring back her original arm. I was able to use the Healing brush on her arm/shoulder in the front but it was a struggle.

Stunning image John

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Thanks @ShazzyCo, was you able to download and get to use the AI Remix presets yet? Looking forward to seeing some of your work as well as other members.

This is excellent. Perhaps this Adjustment warrants a closer look.

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@cre8art John … no luck yet in the downloading

I want to second your request for a clone brush and add to it dodge and burn brushes too …

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Love the results John. I think her arm looks fine but if you really want to tone it down would a light gray mask work.

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Wow, this is fantastic

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Outstanding work …

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I thought the same thing when I first viewed the AI remix presets. I didn’t think they were for my workflow either?
I guess we have to experiment more to see how beneficial it is for our images. It may not work for all images, but maybe using it on only some parts of an image … like a background? I guess time will tell as other members show their images and input? I think it has potential.

Thank you Ricci.

Thanks Bob.

Sorry to here of your problems with the download… did you try downloading by uninstalling and reinstalling from the downloads page? Maybe this will help, if not I hope @ATharp can provide a solution for you?

As far as our requests for more tools from Topaz they seem to not have that on their list yet?
I find that almost every editor provides some basic tools… without them my processing workflow is very limited. I don’t need and I don’t think we are asking too much for some basic tools in Studio for it to be a better editor?
Yes… a Clone tool for sure and maybe a simple soft brush & eyedropper to start off with. And I agree with you 100% about burning and dodging tools… I use the ALL the time in my workflow.

I had to use the Healing brush to try to correct some results I did not like from using AI Remix and it was very frustrating to get decent results. I don’t understand if we can have a Healing brush why can’t they add a few other tools or a least a clone tool?
If you look at the attachment below, you will see where I could have definitely used a clone brush on her arm… masking did not work.

Hi @Kathy_9, I did try using a mask at different opacities but it only brought back her skin from the original image. If you look at the image below of one of the first editing stages before my final edits of using the AI Remix preset I used … I didn’t like the results and look to her arm in the front. My only choice I found was to use the Healing brush? Maybe someone else can provided a better solution to eliminate the unwanted results? Thanks for the feedback and your comment.

Maybe @ATharp has some suggestions?


Let’s not forget that Studio is free! We can’t really expect a whole load from it, can we?

Maybe they can offer some tool packages for purchasing to people who have an interest in having them… I would buy some. It could be another marketing feature they could add to Studio?
I’m looking for an alternative processing editor to Adobe PS. I’m not sure what Topaz’s intentions are with Studio, but most editing programs provide some tools or at least they can ask by polling what people find to be the most important if they have any intentions of adding or selling any?

Topaz have said that they still see themselves as a plug-in company and have provided Studio for those who don’t have a basic editor. But I’d go along with you when it comes to purchasing extras if I thought I could use them - especially if it gets me away from Adobe!

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Totally with you on that!

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Topazlabs have caught-up with the creative algorithms of Deep Dream Generator - we applaud them!

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Lovely application John! What about adding a blur adjustment and desaturate her arm?

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You can lower the strength of a mask, so it’s not 100% show vs 100% hide. This will allow you to apply measured amounts (25%, 50%, 75%, etc) of the effect, with your mask. If this doesn’t work, perhaps provide some examples of the results you received, along with a description of what you were hoping to achieve?

This item is still in our backlog

We already provide you with a brush mask. Does it not work?

Our list hasn’t gone anywhere, and added tools are still on it.

Brush masking and Color Selection (eyedropper) is already a feature in Studio. Are you having trouble finding it or using it?

Each tool is different. Just because we have one completed does not mean we have abandoned all others, or that we can simply “turn on” a new tool. They all need to go through development.