Model not found

  • Error message from AI engine: model not found.
  1. ROG Zephyrus G16 (2024) GU605 With rtx 4090 and i9 ultra (155.2 KB)

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Looking at the logs, this could be a connection issue when accessing the server to get the model files.

Are you running a VPN, anti-virus or browser extensions that block cookies or connections? If so, add the Video AI app and our sites to their whitelist for access. Can also try changing your default browser to another option and testing.

im not using a VPN or any other thing from what you mentioned + i made sure the software has access through the firewall

Okay, try using the Model Manager to download all the models to your system. File>Model Manager: This should add them all to the model folder to resolve this issue.

when i try to add through there it says Error: Could not establish connection

In the Preferences Panel, turn off the Auto Detect Proxy Settings. File>Preferences>Application

Let’s also turn off the iCloud Private Relaly if it is currently turned on.

turned off the Auto Detect Proxy
im on a pc and not a mac so dont have any iCloud Private Relaly thing

still doewnst work though