Model not found: prob-3

Windows 11 RTX 3060 Ryzen 5700x
Processing in GUI works and inferences works
But command prompt doesn’t start (Process > Open Command Prompt) gives a flash of a cmd screen but closes instantly, manually going to D:/programmes/tvai/ffmpeg.exe and using the command

D:/programmes/tvai/ffmpeg.exe "-hide_banner" "-i" "R:/pp.mkv" "-sws_flags" "spline+accurate_rnd+full_chroma_int" "-color_trc" "2" "-colorspace" "2" "-color_primaries" "2" "-filter_complex" "tvai_up=model=prob-3:scale=0:w=1800:h=3200:preblur=0:noise=0:details=0:halo=0:blur=0:compression=0:estimate=20:blend=0.2:device=0:vram=1:instances=1,scale=w=1800:h=3200:flags=lanczos:threads=0" "-c:v" "h264_nvenc" "-profile:v" "high" "-pix_fmt" "yuv420p" "-preset" "p7" "-tune" "hq" "-rc" "constqp" "-qp" "18" "-rc-lookahead" "20" "-spatial_aq" "1" "-aq-strength" "15" "-b:v" "0" "-an" "-map_metadata" "0" "-map_metadata:s:v" "0:s:v" "-movflags" "frag_keyframe+empty_moov+delay_moov+use_metadata_tags+write_colr" "R:/pp_prob3_temp.mp4"


[Parsed_tvai_up_0 @ 000002731FBDEF00] Model not found: prob-3


When using the CLI from outside of the in-app shortcut for opening Command Prompt, you’ll need to set the correct Environment Variables for TVAI:

The issue was actually much weirder. The path is set properly and so are environment variables. The issue was that my System32 somehow wasn’t in PATH so the command line couldn’t function properly. Not Topaz’s issue. And if someone has been blocking Azure servers for windows privacy concerns, unblock them as well as those stop models from downloading

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