Missing ability to download all models at once

My biggest issue with the VideoAI product is that if i try to use it someplace without Internet, then i’m completely blocked because the models are not available. If I had known this “feature” before purchasing, I would not have purchased.

Please add ability to download every model with 1 click, or bundle them with the app.

Thank you.

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Thanks Jackie. I did already try the scripts… they didn’t work for me out-of-the-box, and required editing, fiddling and debugging to use. This is supposed to be a professional product. I don’t think it too much to ask the developers to build a 1-click “update models” button.

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Last time I used the script it downloaded all models straight away without any problem (win 11), but that was a few months ago, may be something changed in the V4.

They did have a model download manager in their old version VEAI V2.6.4, but they removed it since V3.

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