Meta data is locked on the .mp4 files that are exported from Topaz Video AI V4.1.2

All exported .mp4 files that are generated by Topaz Video AI lock their meta data and the user cannot edit them

-Open a .mov file and export it as a .mp4 file, in my case I uprezed a 1080p .mov video to 4k .mp4
-Right click the new .mp4 file Topaz produced and choose properties
-Select details tab and type something into comments field
-Press apply button and then OK button to close properties and save changes
-Right click the same file and choose properties again, note that the meta data you just saved is gone and there is no way to add meta data to the file ever again

Topaz Video AI V4.1.2 Windows

Have you tried editing the metadata with a different app like EXIFtool?

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