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Sorry if I’m being gormless, but I’m not seeing much difference between the new Mask AI and the old ReMask. What am I missing? A good tutorial might be one answer, but after experimenting with the sample ‘Tree’ image, I’ve yet to achieve a crisp cut out that isn’t either fringed or soft edged - or even both at once!


Topaz claims Mask AI is a brand new application and not an upgrade to ReMask. You’d think it would be different from ReMask, wouldn’t you? The only difference I’ve found is you can now choose to blur the background. Everything else seems to be under-the-hood changes to utilize machine learning. The two programs serve the same purpose and the user interacts with the software in the same way.

Topaz is refusing to honor their “free upgrades for life” policy by claiming Mask AI is something new. If you own ReMask, ask them why you have to pay for Mask AI.


'Topaz is refusing to honor their “free upgrades for life” policy by claiming Mask AI is something new. If you own ReMask, ask them why you have to pay for Mask AI.

Absolutely right: perhaps the best thing about Topaz was that it shone out from all the others as an ethical company that was on ‘our side’.

*rappo outfits are falling over themselves to offer this very gimmick at lower prices - have a look at them currently being pimped to death on Utube by the usual suspects.

I paid out (along with loads of other Topaz stuff). Only to find newcomers can get the lot at a fraction of the price I paid.

To ask us to pay for this scam is too much.


I agree 100%- so they give a discount, but should be a free upgrade. Will just keep using the old version.


I don’t have an issue to pay $50. This helps fund a great company who makes, and keeps making, great products.

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Is AI mask supposed to show up in Photoshop filters as does Remask 5? If so, mine doesn’t. What do I have to do to get AIMask to show up? Or is it only a stand-alone app that must be used outside of PS?

Yes it does, you will need to run it first as a standalone for the plugin to be installed. If it doesn’t just post the version of PS, your OS and the disk it is installed on.

I just spent a couple of hours cutting out a picture with Mask AI (which I agree - doesn’t seem any different than ReMask).
I saved it, but now can’t get it to open anywhere - not in Elements, Explorer, OR Mask AI!
I never had this problem with the ReMask plug-in.

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You should supply information about the format you saved and your OS … If you can just upload it and we can check.

Hi Guys,
I’m new to the forum and apologise up front if this is hijacking the OP’s thread but it doesn’t say how to ask a new question?
I’m keen to find out if MASK AI can be used for normal PS masking operations, as in Sharpen subject, Blur background, remove unwanted distractions, etc., as well as the replace background that it is advertised as being used for?
Thanks for taking the time,

ReMask was one of the first Topaz tools I purchased. For now, I’m going to pass on the AI version. Frankly still way too many issues for minimal if any functionality improvement.

Sorry Topaz Labs, but I got’s to call 'em as I see them. Maybe later.


Yes, Topaz is a great company that deserves to be paid for its products. But it is not a charity. And when the product is a substandard rehash of another product, and when that original product was sold as being ‘for life’ then I draw the line at giving them money for it. Unfortunately we have also seen this approach with Studio 2. The strength of feeling amongst its customers should be a wake up call for Topaz that enough is enough. Please get back to doing what you have built an enviable reputation for doing, don’t throw it all away like this.


No … blur, sharpen and repair aren’t masking operations.

So I tried using the new MASK AI (I paid the $49 upgrade fine) filter in PS CC 2019 and and when I hit “SAVE” button, nothing is saved? The older version of Remask would save as a separate layer. Where did my masked image go???


So, they have not posted any videos and such of this product yet? I did see one from f-stoppers that was a bit helpful, but as you, I was looking for something a bit more substantial. My question is, can you make a mask and save it as a selection using this program? I am not attempting to change backgrounds and such, I just want to cut out individual areas of an image, save as a selection, and then go pack to those areas and adjust. Oh, foolish American me…I had to look up “gormless.” Great word and I think I have to add this to my lexicon!

I have it loaded in Photoshop CC. It works fine up until the part where you save it or o back to Photoshop and then it’s not saved or even show up in Photoshop. Can’t get any info on this problem. Good products from Topaz but real lousy support. I have waited day’s for them to get back to me on other issues. We are a pro studio and need help fast, can’t wait day’s.

I never signed on to be a beta tester, but apparently I am one.

ReMask 5 is the better product. If you have it, wait for the bugs to be quashed and features to be added before you consider AI.


After using AI Mask, I find Remask 5 easier to use and I get better results. I don’t consider AI Mask as refined as Remask. Can’t justify the upgrade.


If you Have a Mask tool from other Manufacture Screen Shot it to Developers Point Out Features That you Liked In it and would to see In Product.

Hi Totally agree, waste of money glad i tried the free download first not what it says on the tin!!! Richard