Mask AI v1.3.9

Released February 10, 2021.

Windows: Full | Online

Mac: Full | Online


  • Updated post-processing library with slight performance improvement
  • Updated in-app Trial messaging


  • Fix missing “Save Trimap” menu item on windows in plugin mode
  • Fix windows cross-user installation issues

This is a smaller maintenance release to help to resolve various issues. Thanks for noting things last time!

I normally download the full installer but this time I thought I’d try the in-app installer for a change. When I tried to run it I got this error message (Windows 10 Pro):


When I clicked on OK Mask AI closed. This happened twice, so I then used the full installer successfully.

In 1.3.9 for Windows 10, when used as a plugin from PS Mask AI crashes immediately when detecting a subject. I also freezes in my experience either immediately up computing or shortly after…I don’t seem to be able to go past 11pc. This is on a high performing new PC with Ryzen 5600x, RTX3060ti, 64gb RAM. I gather these issues were identified in previous versions but were meant to have been rectified. Perhaps a fresh install required rather than an update? Many thanks for your input

… nearly 1 year before 1.3.8 … :wink:

Brad, an extremely minor detail; did you mean 2021 for the release date? (only to let you know we’re paying careful attention to your wonderfully informative release notes).

edit: Oops… I didn’t’ read down far enough. Somebody already catch it. :slightly_smiling_face: