Mask AI v1.3.9

It appears that Saving a File in any of the different types to either of the TIFF or TIF file formats is now broken…and results in a corrupt file…

Mac M1 latest Monterey 12.6

Glad I actually read a bit before jumping into something that seems dead…

I recently installed Mask AI on my Windows partition and was a bit surprised not to have any message about trial period poping up like with DeNoise and Sharpen (neither can I find anything under “about” to that effect). Still wondering if this was a glitch and my old Remask licence somehow kicked in or…

Anyway - Mask AI actually did well on the photos I tried it on, but reading that it might be abandoned I’d have to look elsewhere at one point. So… what’s the competition like? What would be an alternative solution (not subscription based) if I want to move on from here?


Try Smart Photo Editor Studio, from Anthropics, the same people that produce Portrait Pro. The masking function is very good, and the software is inexpensive. Landscape Pro from the same company is also good, for anything but portraits.


Reinstalled Mask AI on another computer today (I’m experimenting with Virtualization and GPU Passthrough on Linux Mint so there’s a lot of trial and error) and saw a repeat of what I wrote above, but this time I actually read the messages. It seems like my old Remask License kicked in (which I’m not sure it should do as that one has a number of years).

Running these applications in a VM (Qemu/KVM) with GPU Passthrough works like a charm on my 5900x by the way… It actually runs so well I wiped my bare metal install of Windows 10 the other day.

I may as well ask the question: Is Mask AI a dead product.?

It would be a shame. There are a number of sites that offer such a service, but the ability to have the function locally, with an easy way to fine-tune the results, is the thing that I have enjoyed with the Topaz product. The advances with Gigapixel and Video AI show that the potential for improving Mask AI is there.

I don’t speak for Topaz, but the fact that Mask is NOT on their web site as a listed product for sale should probably answer your question.

Makes sense. PIty.

It is a pity because it was a pretty good product… although, I have no clue what Topaz’s sales were… You know how that goes for any product… If nobody is willing to pay for something, it doesn’t take long for a company to trim their SKUs…

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