Mask AI - new feature to Save Tri Mask from plugin not working

Received Latest News from Topaz Labs this morning, and read:
“We’ve updated[Mask AI (v1.3.8) with bug fixes and stability improvements. The new “Trimap Save” dialog now allows you to save trimaps in plugin mode, and you can now work with more image formats, including CR3 raw files”.

Did the update, and it now says I’m running 1.3.8. Mask AI works when used as a plugin from either Affinity Photo or ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate but I can’t find a Trimat Save dialog anywhere. Certainly not in the File menu (where Load Trimap is found). Is there something I’m missing?



It seems as though the File Menu option is not there but, in the meantime, use Ctrl-T to save the TriMap I am sure @brad.ito will get this remedied soon …

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Thanks @AiDon, That works. I had tried Ctrl-S, but not Ctrl-T.

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