Mask AI Issues

The other comments are correct. Space bar panning doesn’t move very far. Also, I tried masking a tree and no matter what I did, a white fringe was still noted around the thinner branches.
Another bug: when you close an image but leave the app opened, when you bring another image into the app, nothing works, it just brings the photo in. No red mask over the picture and the brushes don’t work!
Not ready yet.


I can validate these bugs. Defringing function just doesn’t get it done around hair. Space bar panning is very buggy.


Just downloaded the Mask AI trial version. I use a Surface Pro 3. In the tutorial, the mask worked with the little green and red lines/dots inside the purple compute very well, but the edge function did nothing and the background color on selection hung up the computer. On importing the first picture, the programme took a while to assess the GPU and CPU. On compute the programme hung up. On the second attempt it was slightly better but the edge and background functions did not work and the program again hung up.

apart from the tree tutorial which works like magic I have not been able to get a satisfactory result with any image. there seems to be a lack of tools within ReMask AI to make tidying the mask up after the initial computer. For example no colour selection brush. ReMask5 did a good job but this AI version is difficult to use. It might be my lack of understanding how to use it so a tutorial video would be nice. the link from Help to tutorials does not work 404.

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Using release version 1.0.1 with a 2010 non-DSLR image and some manual modification of the auto trimask:

Have had the same results that you encountered. Remask5 was a dream compared to this new product. The example they show is lacking in detail. There should be a step by step guide. Another example of Topaz rushing a product out to the public with little or no testing. I hope that people downloaded the trial version and did not purchase it outright.

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While I have other concerns, this particular problem does not happen on the two installs I have on Win 10 machines.

Not for me on Windows 10 - it works as it should.

Same here

Hmmmmm…verrry interesting! I just upgraded to Win 10 and downloaded the Mask AI in the new OS environment. But I hafta close the app to reload another image and have it work for me. Curiouser and curiouser…

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AI Mask 1.0.1Win 10. Pretty much sucks! The mask will not return to PS 6 unless I change Background to layer, then do mask.
Picking a blue sky from green foliage is a bust. I can get a better mask by using a refined luminosity mask.
This has got to get better. ReMask 4 and 5 were better than this, plus a loss of $50.00 bucks.

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No such problem for me - Windows 10 and CS6.

Squirl Test Fail:


AI Missing Remask Features too.

Checking out ReMask AI and experiencing some of the same reservations as others.

So there is no longer the “Color Range” tool to tweak the detailed areas? It wouldn’t be a problem if the AI rendered that redundant, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

When I zoom in to tweak the edges by dabbing with green/red brush, it seems to adjust things in other areas, and not in a good way. Click with RED, and it takes away some background where you click, but adds some back in nearby.

Mask (TIFF) files do not seem to be compatible between AI and Remask 5. I tried to start in AI then finish up in v.5, but that’s a no-go.

The method of switching between Mask/Keep/Cut is frustrating having to activate a drop down. There’s lots of space in the tool bar area at the top.

When I was zooming with the mouse scroll wheel, it was changing the area of focus - zooming into the bottom left instead of the middle of the viewing area or the location of the cursor. This corrected itself after relaunch, so maybe just a blip.

It would be nice to have a blur function on an imported background, especially when using it stand-alone.

It would be nice to take advantage of the sale price, but as I say to my wife, something is not a deal if you don’t need it (or can’t use it).


Just dumped Mask AI from my PC. Gave it 2 days of testing, not satisfied with the results. Good thing I was not able to purchase it, for some strange reason!! Remask 5 better. Love the Color range and Transparency features on it. Topaz has been pretty good in the past with fixing issues. I’m sure they’ll get it worked out. But for now, I wouldn’t put it out there for sale. Withdraw it till it gets fixed. But good for them that we were the beta testers!! A plus for their trial period!

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I agree with what you are saying.

But here is one guide that Topaz is pointing folks to:

Yes, that is how Mask AI is apparently spec’d to work.

You must duplicate a layer (or, at minimum, be working with an unlocked layer in Ps) in order to “Accept” your masking results back into Ps (I’m working with Ps CC 2019 on a Win PC and doing what I’ve said allows me to ‘save/accept’ whatever results I get back to my unlocked Ps CC layer).

Here’s a guide Topaz is pointing folks to:

I purchased the new Mask AI, I also just updated my Studio 2, so everything is up to date. When I select Plug In on Studio 2 Mask AI does not show up, Adjust AI and Sharpen AI show, De Noise shows but is blacked out. How do I get Mask AI to show in Studio 2?

Mask AI is not currently developed to work as a plugin to Studio 2. You are not missing an available feature.

I’ve been trying out v1.0.1 and I’m afraid Mask AI doesn’t work well enough for me either (as several people have posted) and I hope that it will improve. It would be also helpful if on the 4 up display you could still toggle trimap on/off. And what is very very important to me is (using as photoshop plugin) that the image and mask was returned, not just the image with the unselected parts deleted. Being able to work on the photoshop mask makes a huge (HUGE) difference to me for my masking work.

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