Mask AI crashes when I just try to run tutorial

I just purchased Mask AI and am trying the tutorial. But every time I click “Auto Detect Subjects” in step 2 of the “Introduction”, Mask AI crashes! I rebooted Windows and started Mask AI fresh, but it still crashes. The program just vanishes; no errors displayed.

Please open Mask AI, go to Help-Graphics info and press the copy button then paste the info here.

I’m having the exactly the same issue with the tutorial on my MAC desktop. Crashes on step 2 of the tutorial when trying to click on Autodetect Subject. Under Help, searching for Graphics, nothing apprpriate comes up. Very frustrated as a new purchaser and would appreciate some guidance.

Nothing about searching, it is an entry in the help menu.

Ah, thanks. Here’s the Application & Version: Topaz Mask AI Version 1.3.7

Operating System: macOS 10.15

Graphics Hardware: Intel® Iris™ Pro Graphics 6200

OpenGL Driver: 4.1 INTEL-14.7.8

CPU RAM: 16384 MB

Video RAM: 2047 MB

Preview Limit: 4492 Pixels

If you have run the calibration from the Advanced option in the Preferences and it selects GPU, try selection CPU and see if it runs correctly.

No option to “run the calibration” and there is no “advanced option” in Preferences. On the only pop-up screen for Preferences, at the bottom there is a Performance option. I did change from GPU to CPU but with the same crash results. Tried rebooting Mask as well.

Please raise a support request at the main website.

Thank you, Don.

Hi. Here is my graphics info:

Application & Version: Topaz Mask AI Version 1.3.7

Operating System: Windows 10 Version 2009

Graphics Hardware: GeForce GTX 1050/PCIe/SSE2

OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 452.41

CPU RAM: 32619 MB

Video RAM: 4096 MB

Preview Limit: 6514 Pixels

Hi, firstly update your NVIDIA driver from their website and then make sure that the GTX1050 is allocated to Mask AI in the Windows Graphics settings if you have more than one GPU on your PC.

I have exactly the same configuration as you with the exception of only 16GB RAM and don’t see this issue.

I have the same problem. I updated my video card drivers, rebooted my machine, set processing to cpu, etc., Topaz Mask AI still crashes. Here is my info.

Application & Version: Topaz Mask AI Version 1.3.7

Operating System: Windows 10 Version 2004

Graphics Hardware: GeForce GTX 1080/PCIe/SSE2

OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 460.89

CPU RAM: 65462 MB

Video RAM: 8192 MB

Preview Limit: 8000 Pixels

Well, I’ve downloaded the latest drivers from nVidia and Mask AI still crashes.

I’m confused though–my Dell has a built-in “Intel HD Graphic”, but I’m showing “GeForce GTX1050” as my graphics hardware. I didn’t know that my Dell notebook has two graphics cards built in?

Please go to Graphics Settings in the Windows Settings panel and allocate Mask AI to the High-performance GPU which is the GTX1050

That was worth a shot, but Mask AI still crashes even after I allocate Mask AI to the GTX1050. :frowning_face:

You have 2 options you can check, if you are processing using the GPU try turning GPU Optimization off or switch to CPU in the Preferences.

I assume the Performance Calibration has already run.


Note also this is my environment where I use GPU/Optimize and have no issues with the turorials:


I noticed that your OpenGL was newer than mine, so I dug further and got my OpenGL updated to the same version as yours. Result: No change! Still crashes, whether GPU optimization on or off, or if I choose “CPU”.

Interestingly, I do not see a “Calibrate” button next to performance.

Perhaps this crashing issue isn’t related to my nVidia driver after all… (thought it would definitely seem to be the case).

My bad on that it is just the word Calibrate that you need to click opposite Performance on the RH side.

If that doesn’t help please raise a support request at the main Topaz Labs website.

I think I solved it! I went to the second tutorial instead and there is a “Compute Mask” step. Here, it triggers a performance benchmarking (as ‘Calibrate’ in the Preferences is greyed out). Now when I return to the first tutorial, clicking “Auto Detect Subject” no longer crashes the app!

So it looks like Mask AI will crash if a performance benchmarking isn’t done, meaning the second tutorial should actually be the first one. (Or, they can just fix this bug to run a benchmarking with “Auto Detect Subject” as well!).

Thanks again for all your assistance, AiDon.