Mac version has higher batch size limit than PC

I tried to edit a batch of 180 photos on my Windows desktop and Topaz split it up into 4 groups. On my significantly less powerful Macbook Air it opened all the photos as a single group. This is much more convenient, please catch the PC version up to the Mac behavior.


I also noticed that the thumbnail view is generally very slow, the more pictures one loads.
It’s also almost impossible to assign different settings to loaded images (since it takes a very long time for the UI to respond there, as described here)

Would it not generally be a good idea, to give Photo AI the multiple files UI that Gigapixel had, instead of the simple thumbnail view?
Like suggested in this thead? Port the spreadsheet style interface that gigapixel had as a UI option
It is by far superior to the thumbnail view and allows the user to set options in a multi-select style, e.g. resize 4x for these pictures, resize 2x for those pictures, sharpen for these and so on; without actually having to click on each picture and change it there. Something that is almost impossible with the current thumb view (in terms of loading).

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I have not experienced this very limited batch behavior and have done over a thousand at a time but i have 32gb ram and it seems not to prefer gpu but multithread cpu. Is there an undocumented limit on batch size for gpu cpu mem?

You should be more specific on the modality used.

Did you have photos short cut on your desktop that you loaded using Photo AI’s load browser?

Did you use Windows ‘open with’ Topaz on photos on your desktop? single select or multiselect in windows?

Did you drag/drop photos from the Windows desktop into the Topaz program? This is how I normally batch things and as I said have not seen any loading limits - works with single select and multiselect and incremental loading.

I’m seeing the batch size limit when opening from Lightroom.

Lightroom Classic will split a batch into multiple groups. We have code in Topaz Photo AI that merges those groups together, but it is working about 50% of the time on my Windows computer…

I made a task for my team to review this. It will be prioritized against other features and issues.

We are working on some new ideas for the Topaz Photo AI UI now. There is room for improvement with batch processing, which may include this feature you are talking about.

We need to think it through as the spreadsheet view in Topaz Photo AI will likely be more complex.

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