LRC and DeNoise 3.3.4 not working happily

Since updating to the newest DeNoise I can’t seem to use it as a Lightroom Classic plug-in. I choose ‘Edit In’ and DeNoise starts up does its task but does not auto save back to to LRC as it used to (and my Sharpen & Gigapixel do). I get propmted to Close the app, when I click close it tells me I haven’t saved my image, and prompts me to choose a location. I’ve tried Lightroom, but that’s not a valid location. What have I got wrong?

2020 MacBook Pro, Catalina. Lightroom Classic 11.0. DeNoise 3.3.4

I have a pretty similar setup - 2019 MacBook Pro, Monterey 12.0.1, LR Classic 11.0.1, DeNoise 3.3.4

Using DeNoise as a LRC plug-in (on a Canon CR2 raw, as a TIFF, ProPhote RGB, 16 bits - not that any of that should matter).

Once DeNoise opens and I select the image I want, I click on the blue “Apply” button and it automatically saves it to the original folder in LR, and I can see it and operate on it in LR. I guess this is how you want yours to work.

If you have not updated LRC to 11.0.1 maybe try that. Maybe uninstall and reinstall DeNoise? (Just grasping for straws here). I can’t imagine that Monterey makes any difference with your problem.

I am having problems with this too. The photo supposedly run thru denoise is not denoised although it has a file extension of edited. This is a big deal.