Where do I go for help?

Continuing the discussion from LRC and DeNoise 3.3.4 not working happily:

Please raise a support request at the main website… instructions are in the header on your pages.

I had to de-install Topaz, remove the plugin from LR (through Preferences, just unlink it), close LR, re-install Topaz, and it’s now fine. BUT I can only do one edit in Topaz at a time - LR will stop responding until the file is finished. No more batching.

Thanks. I’ve done that and I’m back up and running. Got excellent help from Topaz Helpdesk thanks to Eric. As a plug-in to Lightroom I’m selecting a number of files for processing at once with no problems. (Mac Catalina/LRC 11.01/DeNoise 3.3.4/Sharpen 3.3.1/ Giga 5.6.1)