Low resolution high contrast/saturation Auto classified as noisy becomes dim/desaturated

I have found a common image characteristic that causes some things to give dim/desaturated results, even though they are not noisy images.

  1. Auto any image/texture that has a low resolution high contrast/saturated detail, but has no noise pattern across the image.

While there is a lot of edge antialiasing due to low-resolution, antialiasing is not noise; aliasing is used to help image scaling not be noisy with classic image processing tools.

  1. Notice Auto classifies it as noisy choosing Remove Noise Normal, and is significantly dim desaturated result. Adjust the Remove Noise model/parameters and see no differences because there is no noise to remove by blurring.

  1. Turn of AI Remove Noise, notice that Auto has selected Hi Fidelity Enhance because Remove Noise had been selected. The contrast and color is NOT changed unlike the Remove Noise AI, even though is still incorrectly classified as needing noise suppressed and compression fixed. Adjust the Enhance model/parameters and see no differences because there is no noise/compression to remove by blurring

I would imagine minecraft textures would be a great regression test for images with this high contrast/saturation but low-rez style. This particular texture is copyright Bethesda for Morrowind RPG but I can provide a list of problem texture if devs are willing to purchase it for $15 on GOG.

Since the dim/desat looks like gamma issue my guess is Enhance AI is doing gamma compensation but Remove Noise AI is not?

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.5] on PC

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Further investigation it might be also smaller image size of high contrast/saturated images. Simply 3x3 tiling this example to makes it a larger image and now denoise AI is not making it dim.

Could this be a boundary condition that the image is smaller than the models? This one is 192px so 3x3 makes it 768x which gets it above the common 512px AI model

@kevin.shank-0439 Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Can you please upload the original file here so we can do some further testing?
Your hunch about Enhance doing gamma compensation but Remove Noise not is probably in the right direction.


I addressed this already. I cannot distribute a commercial games textures, but am happy to provide a list.

I do not think it is gamma now that I tried the same texture in a 3x3 pretiled and it did not happen, so thinking it is texture smaller than models boundary issues.

@kevin.shank-0439 Without the original file I can’t try to reproduce the issue but I understand if you cannot share it. At the moment, we’re not looking to purchase images.

The best workaround is likely the one you tested in step 3 where you turn off Remove Noise and only use Enhance Resolution, which seems like what the image needs anyway.

We’re continuously improving our AI models and release updates every week. Hopefully the dimming in Autopilot is resolved in a future release coming soon.

You could do the transformative work to take the transformed picture of the OP image in the tool by cropping/downsizing to make a pixel version of the image yourself it you do not want to buy the textures. It is small enough that the tool blows it up into large square pixels in the viewer.

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