Looking for recommendation for Christmas tablet

My Christmas list includes one thing: a tablet for photo editing. I’ve spent hours reading reviews, but I’d like to hear from any of you who can comment on brand and size. This is my first, so I don’t want to get into ultra expensive and I’ve heard that small or medium sized is best. The 2 that come up most often in reviews is Wacom and Huion.

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I use a Wacom Intuos …

I also use a Wacom Intuos but started with a very small cheap one to see how I got on - never looked back!

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I’ve used Wacom from the get-go but made the mistake of getting the larger size…it felt like I had to move my hand too far. Yes, you can create a “user” size area. But I now have the small size and love it.

I use Huion and am happy with him.

I also use a Wacom. Mine is quite old and I have not kept up with current models. What I like about mine is that it also came with a wireless mouse that I can swap out without changing anything.

Wacom Intuos. Was my first one and I am very happy with it. When you start you get crazy until you will find out how much easier it is to work on images with it. Cannot imagine that I tried all this with a mouse in the past. Would never go back to this.

A few months ago I replaced my old Wacom with a XP-PEN Artist22E Pro Drawing Pen Display Graphic Monitor. Similar to a Wacom Cintiq, you work directly on the display screen. Cost:$499.00

Thanks for the feedback. Wacom seems to have a following.

Thanks for the feedback! Wacom seems to have a following.

Thanks for the feedback and especially on the size. I had read the smaller and maybe the medium are definitely the best size.

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Thanks for the feedback. I have seen the XP-PEN advertised, though not that model, which might be a little pricey for me to start out on.The reviews on the XP-PEN seem to be favorable.

I use Wacom Intuos Pro Medium, for all graphics work. I don’t know anything about Huion but what I love about the Intuos is all the shortcuts you can program into the table, I have hundreds. The pen doesn’t need to be charged and also has two buttons that you can program shortcuts into it. The Intuos has Bluetooth built into it so you can work wireless, which I use for my laptop. I been using Wacom for about 20 years now and I couldn’t work without it.**

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If it is your first tablet I would highly recommend opting for the smaller size as opposed to a medium or large one.

If you are just editing photos the small should work fine. For those that use other products such as the Adobe suite of design tools the medium or even large are more like drawing on a regular sized sheet.

I use a medium and for photos have it mapped so full range is the top left if it was divided into 4 quadrants. A lot less motion is needed for images.

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Thanks for your detailed feedback!

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Thanks for your feedback; I’ve been wondering how to decide on size and this is helpful!

Thanks for your feedback; I think more people are recommending a smaller size.

Would you recommend a small or medium sized tablet?

Hard to say @mkmitchell. As you can read in the replies, many prefer the small size or medium. I purchased the larger one because I had no idea how to work with a tablet. Probably a mid size would have been ok, too. Now I am used to work with the large one and I do not have any problems with it.
However, I am using it only for a few images a day. Might be different if you process a lot of images.