Looking for recommendation for Christmas tablet

(John B) #21

@Laundromat Try mapping your tablet to a smaller area for photo editing. It will make it so you do not have to move the pen so far when selecting a tool or adjustment. I have mine mapped so that I can do most everything with a wrist movement rather than having to use my whole arm. When I want to draw I have it revert to full size.

(Linda) #22

That is what I do, even on the smaller Wacom tablet. Drove me crazy to move my hand all over the larger size tablets. Once I mapped out on the large tablet, the next one I bought was the small size.

(Peter) #23

Hi John, thanks for this. I will try that.

(yac1066) #24

Wacom Intuos the small is ok for photography. Anjoye this is very fun.

(Artisan-West) #25

I use the small Wacom Intuos 4 tablet which works well. However, I see that there is a medium tablet (not Wacom) with good specs on sale at Newegg now. Go to Newegg.com and search for Huion H610PRO V2 Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet. It is far cheaper than a Wacom and no batteries required for the pen. Sale ends 12/8/2018

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(Joseph) #27

I vote for that one. Good reviews on youtube and all over. With Newegg.com they have a Credit Card A $25.00 credit if apply with them so it will like $40.00 (By Me I will have to Pay Tax) for it. You can’t go wrong with that.

(Dramaticdingo) #28

As weird as this is an iPad is good enough these days, lots of extensions are now supported.