Linux support

For what its worth I have the lastest version of Gigapixel working fine with bottles.

Another vote for Linux support. Even just command line will help. I managed to get Video AI to run in a VirtualBox, which is good enough for previews.

Would also like to see support for Linux, also distribute it via Flathub (flatpak) which would make it easy for most linux users to easy install it, dont go the snap route.

Casting my vote for Linux aswell, would be nice not to have to keep a windows partition.

Yes, please a native Linux version!

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I think everything should work out if you install kvm and install windows on it and run programs from topaz labs in it since kvm gives direct access to the CPU and GPU

At the point you’re installing windows, how is that linux support?

Native linux support please.

Everything is fine with Linux, but it’s still better to install Windows on another disk and make a dual boot and work with these programs in it

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When Microsoft stopped issuing security upgrades for Windows 7, I switched to Linux. It was amazing how much faster an more efficient it was, even on the same hardware. Windows 10 forces users to let Microsoft do what they want when they want – it’s like giving away your computer and your privacy, so it was never an option!

Linux is a great OS, but there is a lack of good pro-grade photo processing software. I was able to make some of my Topaz plug-in filters work with Wine (which allows some Windows software to run on Linux), but AI was never an option. A key point is that your competitors are also missing on Linux. Topaz would make a splash and have an immediate market in the Linux community.

(I eventually went to Mac, with photo processing being one of the main reasons and since bought all of the various Topaz AI software, but would still like it to run on my Linux box. Many other LInux users lack this option, and truly need Topaz there.)

TPAI actually runs quite well under Wine/Linux, at least on my hardware. It does use my old Intel HD Graphics 530 GPU, but I haven’t tried it with newer more powerful GPUs.

I’m currently running TPAI v2.4.0 under Wine v9.4 and I think that it would run under Wine v9.0 but probably not much older versions. I have successfully used a few combinations of Wine versions (9.1, 9.2, 9.3 and 9.4) and TPAI versions (2.3.0, 2.3.1, 2.3.2 and 2.4.0).

The catch is that the installer doesn’t quite work:

  1. Run it until it says that it “ended prematurely because of an error”.
  2. At that point, don’t click on “Finish” or close the window. If you do, it will remove everything it just installed. Instead kill the process from a terminal (or use something like ‘xkill’) to terminate the installer without letting it finish.
  3. Then start the installer again. This time it should offer to repair the installation. Select that option and then it should work. At least it does on my computer.

I have posted some screenshots here.

I’m for too.

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The only thing which has stopped me from buying the software right now is lack of Linux native support. Hopefully it’s gonna change soon :slight_smile:

Native Linux support for the Topaz suite would a very welcome option.

Agreed! Native Linux support would be fantastic. Making it free or opensource is not a requirement for any Linux program.