Last upgrade causes the enhancement to fail. Requests newer driver that doesn't Exsist

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  2. Your system profile HP Z840 dual Xeon ES 2680, Nvidia Quadro K6000

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    ? Can I roll back to previous ver? Is there a Quadro K6000 compatible driver that will help?
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You could try this one.

But since you have a HP workstation i’m not shure if you better get the driver from HP.

It could be too that the GPU is already so old (Kepler Architecture) 10years +) that you don’t get any support any more.

The GPU is extreme slow too.

I would recommend a newer one.

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Unfortunately, your machine is too old to run Topaz Video AI. You may be able to run one enhancement filter at a time when working with smaller files, however, using this many filters will result in a failure.

For full functionality, you’d need to use a different computer that meets our System Requirements in order to run this program successfully. You can download the product on as many computers as you need, and your product license will allow you to be logged into two at a time without any licensing issues.

Hp did have a 522 (2022) but no 522.25. Tried but even one at a time no luck. Your suggested GTX 3000 is a PCie 4, the HP Z840 is PCie 3 would the card still work with your software as a PCie 3 assuming it has a legacy mode, or is there a better choice.?


The GTX cards that are recommended are the 3xxx or 4xxx series; for example the RTX 3090. The 2xxx series will also work, although you will have better performance from the 3xxx and 4xxx series.

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