Laggy playback

I’m used to Topaz being a little bit laggy. It sometimes takes a while for the window to update after I jumped to another frame. The playback does’t work at all.

Most of the time I’m using MOV-Files directly from my Nikon Z9 recorded in 4k H.265 usually in 30fps. I’m working on a Mac with M2 Pro and 32 GB RAM. The files load from my RAID0 SSD. The system is fast, working in Final Cut with 4K and even with 8K files is perfectly fine.

With the recent updates it’s getting more and more laggy. I can’t really use Topaz anymore. Often the frame is not changed at all after jumping to another frame. If it changes at all, it takes 5-8 seconds. It’s pain in the ass. The render times have not changed at all. It’s normal to export with 0.5–4 fps depending on the AI-Settings. That’s certainly ok. (157.6 KB)

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