Lack of Auto Denoise

I don’t understand. I have a series somewhat grainy photos that were shot at 5000 ISO. Photo AI does not select Denoise on those automatically. I have to choose it to get rid of all o the noise. That makes no sense.


Hi Art,

Would you be able to upload some of the original images that you’re working with so we can test them out on our systems?

Here’s one I shot a few weeks ago with a cheap camera. It is dark and at ISO 3200. I had cropped a 4x5 in portrait mode in Lightroom before sending it over to the PhotoAI. PhotoAI 1.3.7 did not select Denoise. However, PhotoAI Beta did select Denoise. So maybe something has changed in your algorithm.

We are constantly updating the Autopilot in Topaz Photo AI to make sure it selects the right models. Our machine learning researchers will look at feedback and test images to figure out which models are best for which images.

For the image you shared, v1.3.7 did turn on Remove Noise for me. Is it working better for you in the latest version or do you still have images where the Autopilot is not accurate for your needs?

No. It still does not automatically select it nearly enough.

Got it. We will be working on improved autopilot detection again soon to handle these cases.

If I can help with anything else please let me know!

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