Keeps shutting down, losing all my images

Keeps shutting down, horrible

Same here. Just started one day ago.
Tried everything.
Uninstalled/reinstalled (multiple times)
Removed any potential conflicting apps.
Happens at random but with only one or a few files completed. And those are completed fine.
Just shuts down completely. No errors. no NUTTIN!.
And WhereTF are the logs? Certainly NOT in the logs folder. Nor does “Gather logs for support” do ANYTHING.
Tried on files from several different hard drives. No difference.
Useless at this point. Was working great until this.

Found the problem.
Laptop with NVidia GPU had installed new driver, Release May30 2023.
Reinstalled older 535.98 and it’s back to working properly.
So if you have NVidia be wary of installing the latest driver.

Hi @rick.saint_john, Please be sure to include your computer’s system profile and your logs from Topaz Photo AI so we can troubleshoot. You can gather your log files from the app by first recreating this behavior within the app, and then going to Help > Open Log Folder. Upload all of these log files to this thread and we can review them.

How to Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Mac)

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