Keep getting ffmpeg stopped working error on upscaling any video that is not cropped

Hey all just as the title states, I never have had this issue before but after returning to topaz after a month off im unable to upscale any videos unless the video is cropped in resolution, However if i keep the resolution the same i can still use all the other features except for upscale of any sort without this ffmpeg has stopped working error, Ive tried no other options except upscale and still getting this error but everyting else works fine as long as I dont upscale unless the video is cropped then i can upscale. Any help would be appreicated thank you

Hey there! Please reach out to our support team directly using the support beacon at with this behavior. Please also be sure to include your log files for the app (Help > Logging > Get Logs for Support) as well as your complete system profile (Instructions for Windows/Instructions for Mac).