JPG or PNG sequences vertical chromatic aberration after Artemis Denoise

Using JPG or PNG sequences as a source, and using the Artemis - Denoise/Sharpen method, saving out an H264 High MP4 file as a result, we always get a vertical chromatic aberration issue.
Usually, high contrast horizontal elements on the frames get a green/cyan line above, and a red line below.
If we use the same footage, but instead a JPG sequence it’s first converted to a high quality MP4 file, these aberrations never happen, the Artemis denoiser does a perfect job, not changing the color information. So it is only happening with JPG or PNG sequences.
See attached screenshots one with the PNG sequence with the issue, and one with using MP4 source, no issues.

This bug has existed since December 2022, but we never reported it.

Thank you for this detailed report, I’ll make sure to add this to our developers’ issue tracking system.

Could you upload the image sequence to Dropbox/Google Drive for us to test with directly?

Please also notify us here once you’ve had a chance to upload your files!

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