Jerky frame rate fix

-I’ve tried to find answers in previous threads but nothing seems to match my query-

I have 1080 25fps video that was shot on a domestic camcorder. There are sections where the frame rate halves - ie there are 2 consecutive identical frames, making the motion jerky.
I have tried to fix using Chronos - SloMo at 100%, and also doubling the frame rate to 50fps and using SloMo at 100% - but the duplicate frames persist.
Is there a different setting I should try?
(the problem seems to originate in-camera but it’s legacy footage and I have no insight as to why it’s happened. The frame rate appears to halve for a few seconds then goes back to normal. I’d like to stabilise the frame rate so that the motion appears smooth throughout).
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Have you try using Flowframes with De-Duplication (remove duplicate frame) enable ?
It is a free AI software for interpolate video.

AFAIK, VEAI do not detect/remove duplicate frames.
Some other users have make request for such feature. If you also want such feature, you may press “Vote” button on their page.

you could try to convert the video to the lowest fps you find in the video before using video enhance, so if you say parts of the video seem to have 12,5 fps instead of 25 just convert the whole video file to 12,5 fps and then make it fluid again with video enhance. maybe send me a short clip inluding the issue so I can try myself too. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!
So far this seems to be working pretty well!

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Great. :blush:

This method (reducing frame rate to 12.5 fps then increasing up to 25) has worked amazingly! I’m really happy with the way the movement looks now.

Unfortunately the process seems to have increased the clips’ brightness significantly. I’m trying to patch in the sections where the jerky frame rate has been fixed and it’s jarring because the brightness (and colours) have changed in the new sections. Is there anything I can change in the settings for rendering that will give me a more consistent brightness?

are you sure that the brightness change appeared after using video enhance? I have not seen this myself before. it could have happened when you used a converter for the 25 fps to 12,5 fps conversion. or if you use the new version 3.x of video enhance and you enabled the gamma correction?

I used Topaz both for the conversion to 12.5fps and then to convert up to 25fps.
I’m on 2.6.4 and can’t see a Gamma Correction option.

ah well the gamma correction option is new in version 3.x. I have no idea why the brightness changed. :eyes:

hi, a video shot at 25 fps base is brighter than a video shot at 50 fps, so I wonder why me too, because I know that when shooting at 25 fps, the quality is better than 50 fps since if it’s the same bitrate, there’s less image, which makes the quality better, but then why the video at 25 fps is brighter than at 50 fps I don’t know, and I don’t think so either that it has totally to do with your case but I wanted to clarify that on the fps, in case someone does not know.

Frame rate fixed. Looking good.
This time I did it in short sections. The brightness now has been REDUCED. Though not as noticeably as it had been increased before.
I’m getting weird glitches sometimes - repeated sections like loops. When this happens I’ll just re-export that bit and do the frame rate conversion >12.5fps>25fps again and the glitch isn’t repeated. Long process of patching in the fixed sections. Overall it looks so much getter than before! Pleased.
Topaz is often hanging on the last 2 frames of conversion. In these circumstances I just press Cancel and use the file regardless.

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