Chronos - Duplicate frame detection

It would be great if Chronos could detect duplicate frames in videos and replace them with interpolated ones.

Yes indeed, For the moment, I use RIFE scripted with python. This can be useful for recovering old video where at some point duplicates are present.

For example: if you record a VHS via VirtualDub2, there will be duplicates if you used a low quality/cheap tape.

Note the current Chronos has major issues with creating extra frames, believed to be due to issues detecting scene changes. It does do an excellent job at interpolation (best I found), handling impossible footage (dark video with strobes). Unfortunately the output is not usable due to the extra frames…

The best is FrameRateConverter (for Avisynth). If there’s a better one, please do post. I tried Flowframes and it is poor on the same video above, much worse than SVP. FRC fails on the video too.

For finding duplicate and interpolating correct frames, FRC has a function called InterpolateDoubles.
“Replace double frames with interpolated frames using FrameRateConverter.”

I haven’t tried it yet, so can’t comment on its quality and accuracy.