Jagged Lines With Photo AI

Am I doing something wrong? PAI appears to enhance and carry over jagged lines from the original, whereas Gigapixel smooths it out into solid lines; it like it used a pen to redraw the edges, but PAI just copied them over to the finished product. This must be a joke or there is a settings to clear that all up.

MacBook Pro M1 Max (tricked out)
Ventura OS 13.5.2


Photo AI

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Would be nice to know “how” to set Photo AI to do this. Otherwise, no point. I recall in Gigapixel, just adding an image, it is shown in an improved state, with the ability to make fine tuning adjustments on the fly. But with Photo AI, this is NOT so:

I’m very, very sorry, but what is this exactly? This appears that you are showing me you took the low quality image and improved it with Photo AI. But as you can see from above, the Gigapixel version has less border area around the image. The bad Photo AI image has a thicker border. But this improved image shown is from the already improved Gigapixel image, and not the unimproved image. What gives???

Why not post the original, unedited image?

I have only one word for you:

Do you want help with this? Or do you just want to complain?

I saw the gigapixel output and photo ai output you posted have the same dimension of 1920x1280.

I saw the original input image you posted have a dimension of 2332x1556.

We are trying to reproduce this mismatch of results. Can you confirm that you were trying to downsize the image from 2332x1556 to 1920x1280 in gigapixel and photo ai?

LoL: You said I should upload the original. The post I referred you was of an existing upload of the original file - because you requested it.

I am not complaining. But I guess in the old days, gotten very accustom to loading an image and seeing an almost immediate improvement without making any adjustments.

Hello, there are certainly some issues here. The image 2332x1556 is indeed patient zero. The downsampling was a bid to try and improve the jagged lines with PAI. Gagapixel, after brushing off the dust, was only brought in at the last minute in attempt to save the day. And as you can see, it graciously replaced the jagged edges with straight lines. Of course the apps are now closed so I don’t know the settings I used for Gigapixel. However, above is the screenshot of PAI in the test. Hope I answered all of your questions.

However, my main issue was I thought that PAI would instantly work its magic on the image, when compared side by side (after preview is updated), but I did not see that happen.


  1. The 2332x1556 image, as the original image, is bit weird at the first place. I am not sure what is the source of the image but very curious about it. The image is weird because it is 1) high resolution but 2) low information density. It seems to me the 2332x1556 image was coming from a much smaller image (eg 480x320, 4.85X smaller) by simply stretching it.
    Please indicate the source of the image so that we can adapt our models in the future to such images.

  2. This is, I think, the reason that the photo ai cannot deal it very well - the image is kind of different from the images the models are trained to deal with. By any chance the 2332x1556 image is coming from a more original source of smaller dimension (eg 480x320), put the that version of image in the app can get much better result. See the image I attached above: I resize the original image (2332x1565) to 480x320, by just squeezing it (you can do with Mac Preview or Windows Photo Viewer), and put the 480x320 in app to do 4X (that is 1920x1280 as the final output), and save it.
    To recap, we do not recommend to resize/stretch images before feeding to the app. For instance, feeding an image as it is and do 4X in app, is better than, 4X the image by simple resizing it and feed in app to do 1X.

  3. About the difference between Gigapixel and photo AI, if you select the same model and same setup in the two apps, the results will be at least very similar (in case it is not exactly the same). I tested with the orignal image (2332x1556) and resized image (480x320), the two apps will get similar results if the setup (model type and sliders) is the same.


I downloaded and tried the original image with no luck with anything…Including Topaz products… That’s a weird PNG that I suspect originated as a very small image and then pixels were stretched/enlarged…

That’s a weird PNG that I suspect originated as a very small image and then pixels were stretched/enlarged…

Gigapixel still did an amazing job with it and got rid of the jagged lines.

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Yuan, you are correct, the source file used to make the origin file was enlarged. I do not know the actual size specs. I always felt Gigipixel was able to improve upon poor quality images - using the ‘very compressed’ model.

However, I did see that you were able to get the high quality output with PAI. I will make note of your instructions. And thanks for your help. Learned something very important.
Good day.

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I’m glad Yuan was able to help you out!

Thanks Yuan :slight_smile: