It is suddenly really bad at low res text and images

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I sometimes need to enhance some low res stuff or sometimes I test topas ai just for fun

Steps to reproduce issue:

so here are some images I tried the ones withtopaz is the old the ones with topaz2 are the 1.3.7 ones - since there is a five-image limit I have only uploaded one with the original image - but this is an issue I got with lots of images, the text turns into SANSKRIT, and images are worse and lose details


Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.7] on [Windows]

thanks in advance

Thanks for reaching out. Topaz Photo AI is currently not trained to handle text. Sharpening in particular will cause these issues.

We will be working on a improve text model soon.

Do you remember which version the original images were processed with?

Im not completly sure, i think one of them was done right before the update to this version.
The thing is, it has generally done pretty well until now, there has been small issues - not only text also if you see the images, they have gotten a lot worse, i have lots more example but theese are pretty representative.

I am generally more than please with it’s results so far, this just looks like a big step back, don’t know if i am the only one experiencing this :grin:

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