Issue with Images for Topaz AI sent to LR disappearing after last update

I recently (March 15, 2024) downloaded into LR several images (77) that were from the 1960’s.
I adjusted about half of them in Topaz AI (as Tiff’s) and put them back in LR and into my backup’s (3 separate HD’s).
After the last update they missing out of LR.
The Images are still in my 3 HD B/U drives.
I have a Mac Studio.

At 81 years old I tend to blame myself for these types of occurrences, LOL.

Are you aware of this being an issue?
Is there a way to retrieve these images from Topaz or is there a way going forward to have Topaz store the adjusted images in some type of folder?

Can you confirm with me which Lightroom plugin you are using:

  • The RAW plugin | File > Plug-in Extras > Process with Topaz Photo
  • The External Editor plugin | Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI

Just to note the RAW plugin your output file is saved in the same folder as the original file. Output files are not automatically added to collections.

I use :LR > Photo > Edit In > Topaz Photo AI

I have no luck with the Edit > Plug in Extras as it removes all the adjustments I have made in LR to determine what additional changes I need in Topaz.

If I am doing it wrong, is there a way to make the Topaz adj keeping the LR adjustments ?

Thanks for the quick response,


I received an E-mail yesterday morning, it only repeated my original post, there was no response.
Is that normal?

To keep the Lightroom adjustments you while using the Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI you will want to select the option to Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments.

In regards to the missing images in your backup hard drives this should not be affected by the update. Did this occur with a particular set of images?

Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 7.49.10 PM

Yes, there were several that were recent and from years past.
I have (3) B/U’s on the images so I am ok, I just inquired to see if there was a temporary issue.
I am 81 years old so I tend to blame myself first, LLOL
I will watch closely going forward.
There are 2 Topaz items in Photos > Edit >
Edit in Topaz Photo AI
Topaz Photo AI
Which one should I be using and is there a way to remove the one that may be causing a problem?
I believe I may have been using the #2

Thanks for the help,

You will want to use the Topaz Photo AI and disregard the Edit in Topaz Photo AI


To remove any previous plugin that is no longer used while working with Lightroom Classic you can use the Lightroom Plug-in Manager. I’ve linked some useful information to help below :slight_smile:

More information:

Using the Plugin Manager | Learn to Lightroom

The Edit in Topaz Photo AI is not showing in the LR plugins only the Topaz Photo AI. (See attached)Nor does it show in Plugin Extras. (see attached #2)
Would it be in another location or on my computer that links to it?

Thanks, Sorry to be such a pain,