Issue installing Topaz Photo AI


Please help me, I just dropped $199 on this software and was very eager to try it out. It seems I can’t even get the software out of the box, as it will not install. It keeps prompting me about an internet connectivity issue. I am hardwired into the router at this point, though I have no problem downloading 100 gig files over my 5GHz network connection on my desktop.

Hi! I’m having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

I did find a solution. I just used a different network entirely. Honestly, I teathered my phone’s mobile connection to the computer via USB. I was then able to get it work. Wasn’t practical. But since then, I have been able to download updates for both TVAI and TPAI without issue over WiFi connection. Hope that helps.

Hi @andrew.martin-9788, glad you were able to solve this on your own – please be sure to post any bugs/conflicts in our Bugs and Issues thread next time if you run into anything else!

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