Iris x2 is extremely slow on Mac Mini M1

For some reason, Iris x2 is ten times slower than Iris x1 on my Mac Mini M1. Somehow it’s even slower than Iris x4.
Iirc, it was much faster in a past version.
I’ve attached my current benchmark results.

Thanks, it’s good to know they’re already aware of this issue. I was just confused since the patch note for v3.4.0 states Iris 2x was optimized on macOS Ventura.

He’s using the release version 3.4.2, not the new beta release. Those have different versions of Iris.

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you’re right, sorry… I thought he was talking about version 2, probably the translation which misled me. :')

Very slow processing on MacBook Pro 2017 /16GB ram. 49.3Mb Sony ARW file to 117.4Mb DNG file. 4024x6024 to 4000x6024 took several minutes.

Oh okay, he was speaking about Iris upscale 2x not about Iris v2, never mind. :eyes:


Our dev team would like to try using a different iris-1.json file on your system to test if performance improves:

  • Quit Video AI
  • Open the folder “/Applications/Topaz Video” by pressing Command+Shift+G and pasting in the file path
  • Replace iris-1.json with the attached file (unzipped)
  • Relaunch Video AI and run the benchmark (1.3 KB)

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Thanks for providing the file.
The x2 upscale performance is a little over twice as fast compared to before.

Still only about half the speed one would expect (around 10 fps).

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