Iris model not using Intel Arc A750 but

I am trying to enhance a video using Iris model. Although I can use proteus and artemis with my video card (Intel arc A750), when using Iris model it uses CPU. Can this be fixed?
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Can you share the logs?

Hi, here are the logs.
2024-03-09-13-06-37-Main.tzlog (53.4 KB)

And tis is also with proteus working
2024-03-09-13-06-37-Main.tzlog (80.1 KB)

Any news on the issue?

The team is still looking into this situation. In the past there were issues with the Intel Arc cards and how the app interacted and used them.

Latest word is to download the latest drivers from Intel for the card and then update to the latest version of the Video AI app and that should have everything working as designed.

Hi, I did that, I have all drivers updated and also the last version of Topaz AI.
Still, besides this problem, Topaz video AI does not use the full potential of the video card and CPU. utilisation is about 50%.