Introducing Our New Customer Happiness Specialist, Rose!

Welcome, Rose!

Allow me to introduce the newest member of the Topaz Labs team, @rose.bohre!

Rose will become the primary point of contact for Customer Happiness, in the Topaz Help Centers (Studio & Plugins). We’re excited for what Rose has to bring to the team, and are looking forward to taking Topaz Support to the next level.

Rose has a solid history making her customers happy, and I personally believe she’ll fit right into her role here at Topaz Labs. Please welcome Rose to the Topaz Labs family! I look forward to working with her to make improvements across our Support channels :slight_smile:


Welcome @rose.bohre

Welcome, @rose.bohre, and I hope you have time to post some of your artwork here, like @JoeFedric-TL has!

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That reminds me, I haven’t posted an image in a while!

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Welcome aboard Rose …

That’s because you’ve been busy answering tickets. Now that Rose is here. . . :smile:

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Welcome Rose :smiley:

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Welcome aboard @rose.bohre

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Welcome to the community Rose.

I am sure you will carry on with high standard Joe has set.

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Welcome Ms. Rose.

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Welcome Rose (@rose.bohre).


Welcome aboard Rose

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welcome @rose.bohre

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Thank you, everyone! I’m excited to be here!


Welcome Rose

Why doesn’t Rose or anyone reply anymore?

Reply to what?

My trouble ticket. It’s been more than 2 weeks with dozens of emails

I’m sure @rose.bohre or @JoeFedric-TL will be in touch with you.

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