Support request

I posted an urgent ticket on Friday 12/15/17 never to hear back from you! Today I noticed it was closed without explanation. Yesterday I opened another ticket which is still open. A few minutes ago I received a general email from your Rose on your support team (5 days later!!) addressing general issues and not my direct ticket.

As a customer I am not only concerned but extremely disappointed.

Hope you shake up your “customer sadness” department!

Chad Barr

As the message stated, we’ll be looking at every single request that is sent to us. Sorry you’re disappointed, we’re working as quickly as we possibly can, and are falling short for some people. We understand the frustration, and will be working as quickly as we can to get to your request. I’ll look for your ticket now. Also, your other request was merged into a single ticket. We have to do this to keep the volume down and make it possible for our small team to handle large numbers of request. Please try to refrain from submitting multiple tickets. It does not get our attention “better”, it unfortunately just slows us down.

I’ve sent you a message with an update to try.

Thank you, Joe. I will address this afternoon and hopefully this will resolve my issues.

Sure thing – keep us updated.