Internet always online for processing!

Hi Topaze Labs,

I noticed that my system must be on Internet during the whole processing of a project !

Which is a non sense due to the fact that Internet service can be interrupted by any reasons.

I can understand at the beginning of the processing while downloading if necessary AI models from your web server.

But when the processing is started, a no Internet service should not paused the rendering.

This is a bad situation.



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I haven’t run into this yet, but that would be frustrating since my hour-long videos can take 16 hours to process (on an M2 Pro no less). Do you at least get a notification (like a big box) that pops up to say “Paused due to loss of Internet Connection” or something to that effect?

I’m finding an issue that is only tangentially-related. The app goes into Trial mode if I’m not logged in on the website at launch.


Hi adamfeinsilver,

No pop up, nothing!

Just that the rendering time goes up tremenduously and the FPS drops to 0 in few seconds after disconnecting my Internet due to a reset.

Apparently, as soon as you have no Internet connection, the rendering engine is just pausing without any notice except the ETA is going up.

It should be fixed.

I have also hours long videos which need more than 16 hours or several days to process. Keeping an Internet connection live over days is difficult.

« I haven’t run into this yet, but that would be frustrating since my hour-long videos can take 16 hours to process (on an M2 Pro no less). »

Apple Silicon M2 Pro processor is very recent and up to date! It is very fast.

My old laptop computer is an Asus ROG with a NVIDIA 980M.

Renderings are as slow as 2 FPS (upscale SD to FHD with several options enabled), 5 FPS (upscale SD to FHD without any other options) or best 7 FPS (upscale SD to HD only).

So you can imagine rendering times are very long.

Best regards.



Thank you for posting this. I confirm.

I tested it by doing a brief preview process in TVAI 406. The process completed as expected. I repeated with a similar preview, but I disconnected from the internet during the run. Sure enough, the preview errored out before it finished (each took ~ 20 sec). Reconnected to internet, ran the same process again - no problem.

This is such asinine, user-unfriendly design. It surely would be adequate to check creds at each launch. Authentication should be locked out during processing until the process queue is empty.

I live in an area with somewhat unstable internet access. I wonder how many runs I’ve lost to TVAI’s authentication process? If I were using this in professional work, I’d take Topaz to court for lost income through violation of the UCC warranty and fitness for use provisions.


Hi michael-3397,

Thank you very much for your answer to my post!

« I live in an area with somewhat unstable internet access. »

My miserable life: I live in the middle of France in a very lost countryside.

Even if there is an aerial optical fiber Internet service at my location, I did not subscribe to the 1 Go/second offer from Orange.

I am living in a forest. Storms and lightnings are often in summertime or autumn. Trees or branches can fall on the aerial line and kill the service for one to four weeks if there is a lot of troubles in the area and too much damages.

Instead to avoid this unstable situation, I am using my 4G connection which works perfectly and use my 250 Go/month data budget in my subscription. Doing this way is a good work around for such issues even if the link is 4 Mo/second only.

Launching a rendering needs sometimes to download new AI models, but when the rendering started, it should be okay and there is no reason to check the Internet connection alive!

This is just insane as my 4G provider is sometimes restarting the local 4G antenna at 2 o’clock in the morning. So rendering by night is impossible!

My Internet service includes a dynamic IP, so my IP can change several times over a day or two for avoiding tracking for instance.

Using this 4G subscription, I can not have a static IP anyway.

The application should download all AI models necessary for rendering the queuing video list, then start rendering!

So Internet live connection should be needed just at the very beginning of rendering a short or long list of videos.

Kind regards.


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Hi, Vincent -

I believe your internet connectivity issues are considerably more challenging than mine!

I’m in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. My ISP is Comcast (boo!), and because we’re in a rural area, tree falls, traffic accidents that break a telephone pole, wildfires, and more cut our access. Our cell service here is poor and cannot be relied on for backup.

On the other hand, it’s unbelievably beautiful and peaceful, with a lifestyle that’s much more satisfying than that which my wife and I left behind when we moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area. Life has tradeoffs, unstable Internet connectivity being one.

I understand budget may be an issue. But my sister-in-law, who lives in a densely forested area in the Bay Area, has successfully installed Starlink. I didn’t expect it to work because the redwood trees obscure most of the sky, but to my surprise, after ~48 hours of operation, the system started to work. Now she has normal broadband.

I don’t know what Starlink’s pricing is in France, but it’s probably significant. Are there people near you who could contribute to a shared Starlink system?

Again, thanks for your original post.



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Hi Michael,

Living in lost countryside is sometimes a choice!

I am living in a forest with a view!

I know Starlink. In France I think it is too much expensive.

The antenna of my 4G provider is down less than one hour per year!

The ADSL (not anymore available since two years) and the Optical Fibre is down several times a year, from few hours to several weeks.

But it is economic and good speed.

For my 4G subscription, I pay only 20 € per month for unlimited calls over Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East, etc., few countries are not included, unlimited SMS/MMS, and 250 Go of data, without minimum time to keep your subscription. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

So it is affordable.

Starlink is about 100 € I think so, and you have to buy a satellite antenna.

It is not the same budget.

Food, gasoline are very expensive in France.

Inflation does not help!

The only affordable energy is the electricity.

I have a special subscription from EDF with 6 different prices considering the day and the hour.

The most economic price is 0,10 € for 1000 W/hour and the most expensive price is 0,74 € (no more than 22 days per year, the coldest ones).

I pay per month for EDF about 65 € including the subscription (16 €).

So it is quite affordable.

I know Starlink and the bandwidth is excellent. Good choice for your place and it works well in France too.

Best regards.


Hi, Vincent -

Understood, we all find practical ways to connect to the world. Your view of the world is lovely!

Below is what my little part of the world looked like last year. It’s been warmer this year, so I don’t know if we’ll see as much snow this December.

My best wishes to you and yours.



Hi Michael,

But your place is lovely too !

I love snow but in 8 years, snowing was few times!

Have a sweet day.


Hello everyone,

Our engineering team is currently investigating this issue. If possible, could any affected users in this thread email log files to

Please submit logs with the subject line: “ERR: processing interrupted by network change”

To gather logs, please select Help > Logging and make sure that there is a check mark next to File Logging. Next, recreate the issue and then return to the Help menu and select > Get Logs for Support and attach the “logsForSupport” file to your reply.

Thank you!

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