Interlaced Progressive

Never have seen the term “interlaced Progressive” Under “Enhancement” and “Video Type” is that term. I know the difference between the two but what is interlaced progressive? I have taken an old interlaced video, 60i, and made each field into it’s own frame. That why you preserve the smoothness of movement and you end up with 60p. So I’ve been selecting “Progressive” because that’s what it is now. What is interlaced progressive? Thanks.

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the interlaced progressive option is only to be used if you have a video that previously converted to progressive without de-interlacing it at the time.
so this option is to try and correct the errors of that file. not so much your use case, so it’s not relevant for your case.


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Perfect Thanks! I have a few like that (before I knew what I was doing) and, without the original interlaced video file, so it may actually help me on those!