Interim Workflow Suggestions for Topaz Studio

As we are all waiting for maintenance releases for Topaz Studio 2 to bring additional functionality to make the functionality closer to what we are used to in Studio 1, here are some suggestions for the interim period, note this assumes you don’t have a host such as Photoshop, Lightroom, ON1 Photo RAW, Capture One, Affinity Photo or Paintshop Pro etc.

In the interim you can download the previous version of Topaz Studio, which only includes the free Adjustments and other items such as Crop, Heal, Rotation, Flip etc., but also has a Histogram to help you with RAW conversions. Note that some of the functionality will be gradually added to Topaz Studio 2 over the next maintenance releases.

The suggested workflow would be the following in you need Studio 1:

  1. If you are using RAW files, convert in Studio 1 then save as a TIF/TIFF image to use in Studio 2
  2. Remember to use the Healing Brush to touch-up before going to Studio 2.
  3. And Crop and Straighten as is required before going to Studio 2.
  • Then after doing your work in Studio 2, if you need to adjust the crop or straighten again go back and do that in Studio 1.

If you already have a host, some listed in the first paragraph, you don’t need to do this. But if you want to, download the Studio 1 version from here.

Previous Installers: Topaz Labs


Don, thanks for the “heads-up”. Additionally, I’ve also noticed my Wacom tablet is disabled; the Simplify Module on the Left Hand screen of Studio-1 is also gone as are the Clarity and Detail Modules. The gateway to the other plug-in modules from the upper task bar tab was convenient for me. I don’t know what else I’ll find as I work my way through Studio-2.
I wish that there was some instruction manual that would guide me through the new process or, alternatively; the introduction of Studio-2 had been delayed to allow the old functionality to be retained or caveats had been attached so I wouldn’t have hastily removed Studio-1 as I lost “My Effects” and “Favorites” at the same time. Basically, I went one step forward but two or three backward.

I own all the Topaz products and enjoy using them, primarily through Lightroom Classic so there’s no malice intended in the above remarks. Cheers!

Oh my, I just came on to download Studio-2 and thought I’d read a bit about it first. I’m concerned about your comment about your Wacom tablet being disabled. I use a large Wacom monitor. Now I’m afraid to download the new Studio.

WACOM - will Studio-2 work with my Wacom monitor? I work in Photoshop and bounce in and out of Topaz as needed. I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering about this.

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Download and try it, the support to come is for the Wacom pen.

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