Just in case some may interest, EposVox has done some testing on Intel ARC GPU on Topaz Labs software VEAI, GAI and PAI.

Here is the result,

It seem that A750/A770 is about 30% faster than RTX3060 & 2080 in VEAI.

A750/A770 also almost 2 times faster than RTX3060 & 2080 in PAI.


Looking good - I have my eye on the A770 but the driver issues are concerning. Hopefully Intel sort it out in time.

I once had an Intel motherboard that had a bugged UEFI firmware and their forums were full of people complaining, but they never bothered to fix it.

Hope their GPU division has better resources/support.

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This seems like such an insanely good value for a GPU dedicated to VEAI. I would love to buy it right this second but I feel like there must be something missing here. Has anyone else actually used this card for VEAI yet? Currently I use a 2070 Super and I would love to have a card that is not only faster with VEAI, but also have in a dedicated rig for VEAI.

Do I have a better option at this price point?

It seem that if you buy a Intel ARC GPU from Newegg, you get free game and software include Topaz Gigapixel AI.


For A380, you can download 2 out of 5 software.

For A770, you can download 3 out of 5 software.