Rtx 3060 or 3060ti vor Foto apps


I am buying a new custom made pc vor Topaz ai denoise, sharpen.
I searches a lot gut i am Not Sure which Graphics Card to choose.

More ram 12 compared to 8
Smaller AND less Powerconsumption , 170 vs 220

More RAW Power around 15-20%

So what ist more useful vram or RAW Power?
Will there be a significant difference ?

Thank a lot in Advance

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I run a 3060 Ti and it is adequate for my usage for Denoise & Sharpen - however where a 3060 will come to have an advantage is for the Video Enhance products where you can run multiple operations in parallel.

In my country, the performance per dollar is about the same - i.e. 3060 Ti is about 20% more expensive (and as you say up to 20% faster or so).

I would say you can’t really go wrong either way. I doubt you would even notice the difference unless you are running through hundreds/thousands of images quite often.

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I just built a PC for photo editing and Topaz Labs.

Ended up getting a basically top 5 CPU, 32GB ram, fast SSD storage along with 3060TI so it’s a pretty powerful PC. Even with this, the Sharpen AI is struggling. Takes time to render changes as you move around the program especially if you have 4 models on the screen.

So, I don’t recommend going below 3060TI. Someone here mentioned that regular gaming cards aren’t really all that great for AI photo editing.

It would be interesting to see a test of TOPAZ apps using Nvidia 3060TI vs INTEL Arc 770 GPU.


Interesting how close the 770 is to 750.
Would be nice if he run those tests on Sharpen AI as this one is the slowest of them all.