Instagram Videos - No audio - MOV

I have noticed that some of the videos are being posted to instagram have no audio.
I believe this is a problem with the .MOV file encoding. Otherwise it may be
Here’s my process:

  1. Encoding - HEVC Main10
  2. Audio - Copy MOV file

With Mp4 audio conversion I don’t have this problem.

Thats normal, IG only takes mp4 (h264,) with audio aac compression.

Maybe h265 too.

What are you talking about?
I’ve never heard of this issue.
I think I have solved the issue with h.265 mp4 with aac converted audio.

Would like some input on why mov files audio sometimes doesn’t work

Which audio track type is being copied to the output when .mov is selected?

It’s possible that this is PCM audio, which may not be supported on Instagram.

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yepp, with instagram, only mp4 with aac audiocompression does work.

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So the solution is doing:
HEVC 265 MP4 with AAC 320k audio