Input Video constantly automatically playing

Since the update before this one, whenever I load a video it starts playing. I press pause, then I move to a suitable position in the file to test, set my parameters as required then hit preview. I don’t mind the preview playing once completed, however when I hit ‘back to input’, it goes back to the original video & starts playing. This is happening constantly and it is impossible to compare different settings as every time I press ‘back to input’ the video is playing and therefore moves from the place I set it to.
I keep hitting the pause button & eventually it will stop playing automatically, but then will start again for no good reason.
How do i stop it automatically playing the input file all the time. I am not referring to the previews, I want them to autoplay, I am talking about the input file.

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@christopher.randle You can disable auto-play by navigating to File > Preferences > Application and disabling auto-play preview.

I explicitly said I am not referring to auto playing PREVIEWS, i am talking about the main input window. The videos have started playing automatically when you drop a file into the main window, it has also started playing from the last position the video was at when you RETURN TO THE MAIN INPUT window, regardless of having pressed PAUSE before previewing, when you return it starts to auto play again.

This is the in-app video player. As mentioned, you need to disable auto playback. This effects both the previews and the input file itself.

Prior to following up, please try adjusting your settings. If this does not work, I will need a screen recording of what you are seeing on your end.

So to be clear, the setting “autoplay preview” is for auto playing ANYTHING, not just previews. Perhaps rename the setting to avoid confusion.
Also, this only started to happen from version Topaz Video AI v3.1.9, prior to to that when i loaded a video into the program it didn’t start to autoplay, and I have always had “autoplay preview” set to on.
It also didn’t auto play the video when returning to the input windows to adjust & compare different settings. It only ever autoplayed the preview. Was my program working incorrectly all this time until that version or have you changed it.

Can you confirm that you received my reply? It appears that I followed up via email instead of posting here.

To summarize;

  1. Please change the Preferences to disable this.
  2. Every week we release a new build, menu options, and the way that app works may change with these updates. This is expected.