Input file - color management profile should be selectable

Hi there,

we are having issues with color managment.

Our workflow right now:

  • We have an initial source jpg sequence in sRGB color space with gamma 2.2
  • we would like to work on it in after effects and export a quicktime mov with cineform codec (or prores 422)
  • these formats cannot embedd a color profile and topaz labs video AI seems to interpret them with Rec.709 color profile, which causes colors and contrast/gamma to change dramatically

if I reimport the mov file to after effects, its also wrong at the beginning (Rec.709 profile assumed), but as soon as I set it to interpret it with sRGB color profile, it looks correct.

So this would be required for the INPUT file in topaz video AI!



Hello, could you send us a note at so that our team could take a closer look at this bug? We’re working on a few changes to the way sRGB images are handled and it would be great to test with your input frames. Thanks!

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