Individual Crop-settings not properly applied

TVAI 3.4.3 - Windows 11 Pro (21H2)

First I loaded four input files at once, highlighted them, and applied the same preset to them all. Then I made individual Crop-adjustments to each file, and since I had another heavy workload running in the background, I chose not to click “Export” immediately after having micro-managed each individual file, the way I usually do. This time around, my plan was to first apply my preferred Crop-settings to each file, and then export them all at once after that other workload had completed.

But the output files had clearly not adhered to the individual Crop-settings, even though I am absolutely sure that I did modify and apply every single one of them. When I reviewed the settings of the input files afterwards, the video window still displayed the correct settings, even though only one of the four output processes had produced the desired result.

Presumably, the Crop-settings of the last file were somehow used for all the the others as well, even though TVAI clearly still “remembered” the individual settings for each file after the encoding had completed.

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Our team is currently working on patching some known bugs related to batch processing images with different crop dimensions. We hope to have more news soon!

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