Incorrect FPS in import and very dark image in preview and export

I clearly saw that I wasn’t the only one to have incorrect numbers of frames per second in import, but I also have a big problem with darkening of the videos, both in preview and in export.
I also have this problem estimating FPS with Flowframes software. Maybe it’s a problem with ffmpeg?
Mediainfo correctly reads the number of FPS whatever the type of video.
Additionally, videos look much darker after previewing or exporting.

These two problems mean that I haven’t used Topaz Video AI for more than a month… Given the price of the software, I find it very, very disappointing and annoying…

Windows 11 Pro x64 23H2 up to date
RTX 3070 (game ready driver 551.23 up to date)

Can you open a support ticket with the team and share a clip and the logs?

I thank you for your response. It’s done, I just sent a message to support.

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